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We are one of the largest retailers of the best quality tyres in Dubai UAE. But sales are only a part of what we do. Read on as we guide you through this website and get to know us better. In the process, we will also probably be able to identify what you have in mind, and how we can customise our services the next time you visit us! Our products and services are also available at your Home.



At Fix My Ride we take pride in serving you for over 10 years now. All major brands in the industry can be found here for example, Michelin, Yokohama, Continental, Bridgestone etc.

We have defined the easiest way for you to find car tyres online and special fitments are also catered for:

  • 4X4/SUV
  • VAN
  • Salon / Sedan
  • Truck



Along with our premium ranges, the budget friendly options we have are extremely popular among our customers. We offer factory rates and the quality is not compromised in any way, making sure that the vehicle is road worthy.

Car Rim/Wheel Spray Paint


Make your wheels stand out from the crowd with our custom wheel rim painting service. You can choose from a wide range of colors and finishes such as matte, glossy, semi-matte etc.

Rims are not advisable to be spray painted as it will easily chip off, Our rim painting service is equipped with specialized powder coating materials. Rims are painted using a stand-alone painting booth to ensure the color and finish to be long lasting. All our work is guaranteed for 1 year.

Drop on by to have a chat or coffee and we will help turn your ideas into reality at FixMyRide.


Some of the prominent car tire brands in Dubai are 

  • Michelin, 
  • Continental
  • Pirelli 
  • Bridgestone
  • Yokohama
  • Hankook
  • Toyo
  • MRF
  • GoodYear
  • Chinese Brands
  • Korean Brands
  • Indian Brands

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy tyres Dubai UAE?

You can buy tyres online through Fix My Ride at affordable prices. The garage’s website allows you to check list of the best tyres for your car’s make and model. Just select one, make the payment and get your tyres delivered, fully fitted at the garage or fitted at your home as per the garage’s Mobile tyre fitting option.

What size are my tyres?

You can identify the size of your tyres by referring to your car’s user manual, or by asking a professional at Fix My Ride to understand the alphanumeric code on your Tyre’s sidewall. It represents an alphanumeric digit code to show tyre width, aspect ratio, symmetry, and diameter.

What tyres do I need?

You can refer to a wide variety of tyres available at Fix My Ride Dubai and choose according to your driving habits and road conditions. If your tyres are likely to get a puncture, go for run-flats or tubeless tyres. Also, choose seasonal tyres to tackle dry or icy road condition, accordingly.

What makes good tyres?

Some of the factor that make a tyre ideal for driving include- excellent wet-road gripping, dry handling ability, exceptional tread design with a high depth, proper groove channels for water evacuation. You can also refer to the tyre’s  rating to know about its test ratings.

Do tyre brands really matter?

Tyre brand is the last thing you should be saving your money on. Short answer- Yes! A premium or branded tyre makes a world of difference by providing you with ‘A’ rated quality in terms of performance, durability, fuel-economy, wet-gripping and other parameters as well.

How long do tyres last?

It all depends upon your driving habits. If you drive long miles on a daily basis, you can expect your tyres to start losing its abilities after 3-4 years. If you don’t drive daily, and have smooth roads in your region, your tyres can last anywhere between 4-5 years.

How would under-inflated tyres affect your vehicle?

Underinflated tyres cannot hold the weight of your car and makes it prone to tyre-blowouts as well. You will also face difficulties like hard-steering and vehicle sliding towards one side of the road. Get it replaced immediately by Fix My Ride or risk permanent tyre damage as well.

What is the speed rating on tyres?

The tyre speed rating is used to determine how much speed you can safely drive on, provided a specific load index. Violating this speed rating can cause tyre blowouts, punctures and permanent wheel damage as well.

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