RTA Car Registration Renewal

Car Registration Renewal


Your car registration expired!!! Or about to expire?

Don’t worry. We are here to help you get your car registration (Mulkiya) renewed while you are still in your office working or in your home enjoying great time with your family and friends. 

Let us do all the hard work with a SMILE! professionally.

Your Question: How does it work? 

Our Answer: This is as simple as A B C

A: Book Online or call us to book an appointment (That’s all you have to do. We will do the rest)

B: We will come to your home/office to pickup your car and take your car to RTA for inspection, Arrange insurance and Renew your Car Registration (Mulkiya).

C: We will bring your car back to your home/office same day with renewed Car Registration card (Mulkiya). 

Thats it!!! As simple as it looks.

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How to renew your car registration in Dubai by yourself.

1. Take your car to any RTA approved testing centers (TasjeelShamil, Cars, Tamam, Mumayz, Belhasa)

2. Get your car inspected for technical test

3. Take result of inspection (RTA will update it on their online system)

4. Get car insurance (Insurance company will upload it to RTA online system)

5. log in to www.rta.ae and renew your car registration online.

6. RTA will send your new registration card to your address

Every car repair job comes with a three-month or 5,000 km warranty

Frequently Asked Questions For Car Registraiton Renewal (FAQ)

All brand new and second hand vehicles must be registered after they’re bought. In order to arrange the registration they have to be tested before the registration.

First renewal test for brand new private light vehicles is after 3 years. After this time, the testing should be repeated every year.

Renewal tests for vehicles that are more than 3 years old must be performed every year.
Renewal tests for all commercial and heavy vehicles must be performed every year.
The vehicle has to be tested before the export if the customer wishes to export the car with the number plates.
If a vehicle was damaged in an accident, it has to be tested after it is repaired.
The vehicle test can be performed up to six months prior to the expiry of the vehicle registration.
If a vehicle fails the test, a re-test must be performed within 30 days of failure of any above test.

For registration renewal, the registration renewal vehicle test can be performed up to 6 months before the expiry of vehicle registration.

The test must be performed no later than 1 month after expiry of the vehicle registration in order to avoid penalties.

Previously, only vehicles registered in Dubai could be re-tested in service centres in Dubai. This has recently changed, and vehicles registered in other emirates can also be tested in any federal service center in Dubai, including Quick Registration.

it depends on what time of the day you visit testing center. It can take up to one hour depending on the time of the day and day of the week. Ous suggestion is to visit any testing center before 9am to finish it quickly. 

Ensure that your vehicle meets the following requirements before bringing it in for a vehicle test:

Clean vehicle.
Clean license plate number.
Remove underside cover, if present.
Make sure the safety triangle, spare wheel and fire extinguisher (as applicable to your vehicle category) are in a visible/accessible location.
Make sure you have prior approval from RTA for all stickers and/or advertisements.

You just need to your vehicle registration card (Mulkiya) at the time of inspection.

1. Inspection result (Passed)

2. New insurance 

3. You must have valid Emirates ID and Valid Residence visa

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Car Ownership/Title Transfer

I am selling my car and want to transfer my car to the Buyer. Can you help me!!!
A big YES. We can help you transfer your car ownership to the new buyer.

Procedure for car Ownership Transfer the buyer of your car.

1. Both buyer and seller are required to come personally to RTA vehicle registration center.

2. Get your car inspected for technical test.

3. Take your inspection result.

4. Get new insurance in the buyer’s name.

5. Remove both number plates from the car if you don’t want to sell that car with your number plates. You can ask RTA officer to reserve the numbers for you so you can calim them back when you buy a new car. OR you can leave both number plates on the car so your existing plates will be transferred to the new owner.

6. Make copies of passport, ID and driving licence copies for both buyer and seller

7. Take a token from information and wait for your turn.

8. submit all above documents with your old registration card to the RTA officer. (At this point you must take money from buyer for selling your car)

9. RTA office will give buyer new registation card under his/her name with/without new number plates.

We can help you with above procedure if you are not sure how to transfer car ownership to the buyer of your car.


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